FB Shredder is an application for desktop and mobile devices created to help users hack into their lost Facebook account and recover it back.

FB Shredder - Facebook Hack Tool

It’s supported for desktop and mobile operating systems (smartphones), which are:
Microsoft Windows / macOS / Android / iOS

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How this software works?

Thousands of people over the globe have lost access to their FB account(s) at least once in their life. It can happen because of forgetting a password, profile getting hacked or stolen, or by some other different factors.

Our program will help you to hack into a Facebook account of which you have lost access to and recover it back in few minutes only. This is possible due to the customized system of brute-force hacking technology our programmers managed to make work successfully.

Those who don’t know what brute-force attack is; In short: It’s the hacking method which requires a specially built software (In this case that’s the FB Shredder) which attacks given website’s login page (In our case that’s Facebook) with pre-made or automatically generated list of thousands of possible passwords combinations in very short time until it finds a working one to successfully login into a desired account.

A classic brute-force software which were made a decade ago and before can’t hack a Facebook account. Why? Because Facebook has pretty tight security system which protects their login page from these attacks by blocking attacker’s or user’s IP address if they failed to login three times in a row. This block will last for few hours, and if you fail to login again from same IP address, a block will be extended for 24 hours.
Considering this, we had to customize FB Shredder’s brute-force system so it can bypass this IP blocking.

How did we manage to do it? We built an online server which is connected with thousands of proxies from worldwide range and connected it with the FB Shredder tool via API system. This enables the FB Shredder to continuously “attack” Facebook’s login page with possible passwords combinations without getting blocked, because it takes a fresh new IP address every third failed login attempt and constantly tries to login into desired FB account until it finds the right password.

Users do not have to worry about this as FB Shredder does all this process automatically. All you have to do is to enter a username of the profile you’d like to hack, hit the button to start, and wait until process is finished. You will get a password after few minutes only.

Terms & Conditions

It’s strictly unallowed to use FB Shredder application in any illegal activities, such as cracking Facebook passwords of account(s) which does not belong to you, or without an actual owner’s prior allowance.

FB Shredder app is built to be used as an account recovery solution only.

You can read the full terms & conditions policy at the software’ download page.