Founded in 2019, The FB Shredder is an app that efficiently works with PC and mobile devices to help people access their lost Facebook account and retrieve it back.

Why FB Shredder?

With billions of Facebook users around the globe, it comes as no surprise that thousands of them have lost their access to their FB accounts. The reasons can be varied. It can be due to a forgotten password, hacking, and many others. But for whatever the reason is, they need to get their accounts back.

That is why we have developed a software to do this for you. Using our very own tailored technique of brute-force hacking technology, we have successfully come up with the FB Shredder. It is a program that can help you recover your Facebook account and recover it in just a few minutes.

What is a Brute-Force Attack?

FB Shredder uses a custom made brute-force system that bypasses the IP blocking defense of Facebook. You see, the earlier version of this system cannot bypass the tight security system of Facebook. What we have done is to integrate an online server integrated with thousands of proxies all over the world. It connects the FB Shredder app through an API system. Thus, enabling it to attack FB’s login page with every possible password combination until we find the right one.

In addition to the technical capability of our app, we also make sure that our users are protected and will not use the FB Shredder app in any illegal means. Users are bound with our strict terms and conditions or face the consequences.

FB Shredder is an app intended only for account recovery usage and nothing else.